Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking for Your Business?

Vehicle Tracking is a new technology for businesses that utilises modern GPS, hardware and software systems to track and then more importantly optimise your businesses fleet of vehicles.

These days businesses are becoming more reliant on analytics and with vehicle tracking, businesses can use this data to help find new, innovative ways to decrease costs. Vehicle Tracking has completely revolutionised how businesses operate and can save millions by massively improving efficiency.

So, how does it work? A ‘black box’ device is installed into a vehicle, once in use, the box collects data and then transmits this GPS data wirelessly to deliver business insights into locations of the driver, driving styles and any issues the vehicle might have whilst on the move. So that’s how it works, but that’s not enough to improve the efficiency of your business, read on to find out more…

Fleet Efficiency with Tracking

One of the best parts of Vehicle Tracking is the scalability of the technology. It can work for small businesses with a handful of vehicles or large international businesses with fleets of varying vehicles. Fleet managers are able to use the data from the vehicle to track any goods that are being carried and ensure they are meeting schedules. This doesn’t just benefit managers but also customers. The tracking software can be connected to sales software in order for customers to track specific vehicles – enabling them to know when deliveries are coming. Another huge benefit is the monitoring of driver’s behaviours, which makes it possible to see if any speeding or otherwise dangerous driving has occurred. Preventing accidents and increasing safety is one of the most important aspects that tracking enables and the software included makes this very simple to achieve with lots of automation.

Part of the individual driver analysis includes behaviour; things like acceleration, deceleration and adaptations to weather conditions. By analysing driver behaviour, fleet managers can assess and intervene with any drivers that may be at risk when on the roads. This can lead to huge reduction of accidents and prevent damaging behaviour, saving lives and costs incurred from accidents. Less seriously but importantly for cutting costs, analysing driver behaviour can show areas to improve for efficiency, such as smooth driving and taking efficient routes.

This is all without mentioning the massive improvements of how to organise your fleet – something that modern-day computing techniques and software can provide. Using technologies such as machine learning and algorithms the software is able to automatically direct your fleet, change driver routes on the fly depending on unforeseen traffic and obstacles. This is something that would normally take a large team of people to constantly monitor and optimise, but can now be easily done by one person with access to this software. It’s time to optimise your fleet, find out more about what vehicle tracking can do for your company.