Contract Mobile Phones

If you are like most people in the world today, you own some type of mobile phone. Whether referring to a basic model or a newer version such as the massively advanced iPhone 6, the fact of the matter is that these clever devices would serve few purposes if you do not obtain the proper contract. Much like the phones themselves, these contracts can vary widely between different providers and some firms will offer specific benefits compared to their competitors. Before we delve into the specific types of contracts, it is a good idea to quickly examine how they will apply to your phone and what types of technology are employed.

Mobile Phone Contracts at a Glance

Most contracts are classified under what is known as a recurring billing cycle. To put this another way, you will be required to make payments on a monthly basis after initially signing up for the service. It may also be necessary to make a down payment to activate the contract itself. The majority of contracts can be renewed on a yearly basis also many companies will charge an early termination fee if you suddenly decide to switch providers. These formal agreements come in numerous price ranges, so they are generally able to accommodate even a tight budget.

3G or 4G?

This is another important question to address before moving on. You may have noticed the terms “3G” or “4G” within a specific contract. These figures define the speed at which information can be uploaded and downloaded. If you only require your phone for voice communications, 4G speeds may not be necessary and you could very well be paying for a service that you hardly employ. However, users who plan on watching videos, chatting with friends or downloading memory-laden material could vastly benefit from the increased bandwidth that 4G speeds provide.

What to Look for in a Mobile Phone Contract

First, be sure to compare and contrast between three and five different providers. Third-party sites are excellent at providing these fees as well as any associated costs (such as a one-time activation surcharge). After you have encountered the price that suits your budget, be sure to examine other important metrics. Some common examples here can include:

  • Is there a cap on downloads or does the firm offer an unlimited number?
  • Are there any specials such as free nights and weekends?
  • Can you upgrade or downgrade this contract in the future as you see fit?
  • What are the early termination charges?
  • What is the reputation of the company in question?
  • Can you include this contract as part of a “bundle” that includes other services such as home-based Internet, television an land line phones?

Understanding Coverage Levels

Not all providers operate without hindrance throughout the United Kingdom. Some are naturally associated with better coverage than others. So, it is important to ask for a map of the coverage that you can expect to enjoy. You could otherwise find that you are paying for a service that is unavailable in certain locations.

The Top Mobile Phone Contracts in the United Kingdom

As of 2016, the top providers are:

  • O2
  • EE
  • Virgin Media

O2 offers highly competitive rates as well as both 3G and 4G service. It is also superior in terms of coverage throughout the country.

EE likewise provides superior speeds and bundle packages are offered within many of their deals. Customers who choose family plans can save even more money.

Virgin Media is known for its superior levels of customer service while their flexible tariffs can suit the needs of most customers.

Please note that there were no prices mentioned here, as these are subject to change. It is therefore a great idea to visit these individual websites in order to determine the best deals available.