How to Find the Best Deals on Mobile Phones


Are you looking to upgrade your existing phone or have you been curious to learn about some of the latest models on the market?  In order to get a great deal, it is important to appreciate some of the main variables to take into account as well as your choices.  Let us examine some basic metrics in greater detail so that the correct decision can be made in no time at all.


A Look at the Top Brands and Models


The four top manufacturers of smartphones are Google, Samsung, Apple and Huawei.  Of course, each of these are associated with their own current flagship models.  These include:


  • The Apple iPhone 11
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10
  • The Huawei P30
  • The Google Pixel 3 Series


Each of these is associated with own unique benefits, so it is a good idea to perform additional research in order to appreciate what is in store.  This brings us to the next section.


iOS Versus Android Operating Systems


Android and iOS are the two primary operating systems to be found within all modern smartphones.  Both of these offer a host of user-friendly qualities and choosing which one to purchase will be based just as much off of personal preferences as it involves issues with functionality.  However, we should keep in mind that Android systems have been based off of the Linux architecture.  All technicalities aside, this generally signifies that Android-equipped phones tend to be slightly more customisable than their iOS counterparts.  However, each versions offer a host of memory options as well as countless applications to download.


5G Connectivity


May new phones are now being equipped with 5G connectivity.  This will offer even faster download speeds as well as more reliable services in general.  It is likely that 5G will be rolled out over time; first starting within large cities before spreading to the suburban areas.  It is always a good idea to make sure that the phone in question is capable of handling 5G connection speeds.


Putting it All Together


Most of the newer models offer a host of unique functions alongside other benefits such as high-definition display screens and gigabytes of memory storage.  However, it is critical that you perform your own research in order to determine which make and model is suited for your personal needs.  Let's also not fail to mention that many used phones or previous iterations boast cost-effective qualities as well as modern functionality if you happen to be on a tight budget.  The good news is that there are more options at your disposal than ever before.


Smartphone Deals and Options at a Glance


Smartphones have become critical components of our daily lives.  From speaking with friends and family members to checking emails and keeping up to date with the latest social media feeds, the majority of individuals could not afford to live without these clever gadgets.  Of course, this industry is constantly evolving and there are a number of factors to address if you wish to keep one step ahead of the latest trends.  Let's look at some of the current models as well as what to look out for when choosing to upgrade to a newer version.


What are the Latest Models?


Samsung, Google, Apple and Huawei tend to occupy the “lion's share” of the smartphone marketplace, and for good reason.  These firms have engineered some of the most popular phones on the market.  At the time that this article was written, the top iterations of each company were:


  • The Apple iPhone 11
  • The Google Pixel 3 and 3A
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10
  • The Huawei P30


Not only do these iterations offer a host of functional benefits such as increased battery life and impressive memory capacities, but the majority will now be equipped to handle the speeds associated with 5G wireless connectivity.  When these features are included alongside other amenities such as UHD cameras and AMOLED display screens, it is clear to see why such models are considered the flagships of the companies themselves.


How to Get the Best Deal for Your Money


One of the first steps is to determine whether you prefer Android or iOS operating systems.  While both platforms are highly user-friendly, we need to point out that Android systems offer a slightly more customisable edge due to the fact that they are based upon the Linux operating system.  In the past, many applications would be restricted to only one of these systems.  Most modern app producers now offer bundles for both Android and iOS systems.  Still, Android applications are by far the most numerous.


Another issue involves the price of the phone itself in conjunction with the contract.  Be sure to choose a model which you can afford.  Check online to see if there are any email rebates or QR codes which can offer valuable discounts.  Learn about the warranty associated with the phone as well as any aspects associated with durability (such as an IP68 water-resistant rating).  If you still have concerns, it is a good idea to search for online forums which will provide feedback from current users.  This is an excellent way to obtain a much more objective perspective than might otherwise be possible.  Above all, read online reviews in order to appreciate the pros ad cons of each of the models mentioned above.


What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Mobile Phone


Is Samsung the best mobile phone manufacturer on the market or does Apple take the top spot?  What are some of the latest models to be offered to the public?  What do you need to know about 5G connectivity and is there really that much of a difference between iOS and Android operating systems?  If you are looking to purchase a new unit or to upgrade to a newer model, these are critical questions to answer.  Let's take a closer look.


Android Versus iOS Phones


To be absolutely clear, both systems have stood up to the test of time in terms of functionality.  The only possible difference is that Android systems are slightly more personalised in terms of the means by which they can be customised.  Both offer excellent storage capacity, impressive security firewalls and flexible memory options.  In other words, choosing the best one is normally a matter left to personal preference.


What are the Latest Models to Hit the Marketplace?


All of the major brands tend to release at least one new iteration on an annual basis.  According to the latest research, here are the most popular firms and models to consider:


  • The Apple iPhone 11
  • The Samsung Galaxy
  • The Google Pixel 3 and 3A
  • The Huawei P30 series


As you can imagine, Apple is the only model which offers the iOS system.  The remaining three function with Android.  Be sure to take a look at the design elements of each as well as other issues such as the size of the display screen and the projected battery life in order to fully understand the major differences between the models themselves.


Should You Choose a Phone with 5G Connectivity?


5G connectivity is the latest service to have entered into the marketplace.  It is always a good idea to choose a mobile phone which is capable of handling this rate of data transmission, as this will likely represent the most common connection method in the coming months and years.  All of the latest models have been engineered to accept 5G wireless connections.


Other Questions to Address


Let's finish by addressing some other questions which should be answered before making the final decision.  These include:


  • How long will it take to pay off the cost of the phone?
  • What types of contracts are offered?
  • Can you access customer support quickly in the event of an issue?
  • How often will system upgrades occur?
  • What other amenities (such as a UHD dual-camera system or gesture recognition software) are offered by the phone?


Feel free to refer back to this article as a guide in the future if needed.