No-Win No-Fee Solicitors

No-Win No-Fee Solicitors

If you are involved in a legal matter, the prospect of solicitor fees can be a daunting one. Not only can these charges cripple an already overstretched budget, but they may very well negate any winnings that you may receive. The concept of a no-win, no-fee solicitor can help to eliminate such a situation. It is interesting to note that this entire field did not exist until 1995. Before this time, you would have been required to make an up-front deposit to secure the services of a lawyer. These firms are often associated with accidents and injuries although in reality, they are present in many other legal areas. Let's take a look at the principles behind this field and what to look for in a solicitor before examining the top firms within the United Kingdom.

No-Win No-Fee at a Glance

The title of this position says it all. If you believe that you have a case against a third party, you will approach a no-win, no-fee firm. You will present the details of this case as well as any other relevant information. In most instances, the solicitor in question will review your position quite carefully before initiating a consultation. Assuming that your case is worth taking, the process will then officially begin. The lawyer will ONLY get paid if the decision results in a favourable outcome. As you can imagine, this is the reason why many attorneys are quite discriminating in regards to the clients that they become involved with.

This is another reason why it is so very important to have an insurance policy in place Assuming that you lose a case, any claims still made by the other side will be covered. If not, you could still be forced to pay massive out-of-pocket compensation costs.

What to Look for in a No-Win, No-Fee Solicitor

Many solicitors CLAIM to offer such a service, but this is unfortunately not always the case. So, be sure to ask for the terms and conditions to be written clearly within a document and peruse them carefully before making any type of formal commitment.

Speak with the lawyer directly handling your case as opposed to a mere representative. Does he or she seem to be an expert in their field? Are they able to provide evidence of the appropriate accreditations (such as being a current member of the British Law Society)? What type of fees will they charge in the event that you win the case and will these fees significantly detract from the amount of compensation that you expect to receive? Are they able to supply previous case studies, testimonials and similar accreditations? These are some of the main concerns that you should always keep in mind when beginning the process of searching for a solicitor.

The Top No-Win, No-Fee Solicitors

While there is no definitive list of the best in the industry, Google rankings can provide some powerful insight. Let us look at three of the most searched lawyers in the United Kingdom.

  • Slater and Gordon

Amongst other specialities, Slater and Gordon accept no-win, no-fee cases. They boast a success rate of 98 per cent and their initial consultation is free and completely confidential.

  • National Accident Helpline

Boasting a streamlined claims service, the National Accident Helpline is currently the largest provider of no-win, no-fee litigation in the United Kingdom. Offering guidance for a wide range of accidents, this firm has been operating for 22 years.

  • Bott & Co.

This firm has made the Top 200 list of lawyers in the United Kingdom. They have won numerous accolades while supplying clients with millions of pounds in restitution each year.