Employment Solicitors

Employment Solicitors in Modern Times

As you may have already guessed from the name, an employment solicitor is involve with laws surrounding the workplace. This is actually an area of law that is constantly evolving due to the fact that rules and regulations often change. Depending upon the area of the United Kingdom, some stipulations could very well be different than others. So, these solicitors tend to be very specialised within their chosen field. Some of the issues that a solicitor will deal with include work-related injuries, termination, redundancy, claims of harassment and similar employee rights. Still, these lawyers are just as capable of providing a blanket of protection for employers. They investigate claims made by workers and if statements are discovered to be false, a prosecution could very well take place. Let's take a look at this practice in a bit more detail before suggesting a few tips when finding a solicitor and reviewing some of the top firms in the industry.

Employment Solicitors: The Basics

Assuming that a case has been filed, there are several steps which the lawyer will need to take in order to satisfy the legal process. Within the United Kingdom, it is very common for these professionals to use what is known as an employment tribunal. This involves more lawyers, thus providing a better idea of the claim as well as an efficient outcome.

It should still be noted that the length of time that it takes to settle a grievance (both employee and employer alike) can vary from a few weeks to even a few years. This depends upon the mechanics involved. Simpler claims could only require a single solicitor and a settlement while larger issues such as a discrimination case might become very complicated.

Besides civil and criminal factors, employment solicitors specialise in other more common areas of day-to-day business. A handful of examples here can include:

  • Accountancy issues
  • Due diligence
  • Risk management
  • Negotiations
  • Contracts and similar official documents

So, it is clear that this is indeed a very broad field of law. Assuming that you require an employment solicitor, what are some of the variables that you should take into account?

What to Look for in an Employment Solicitor

The first sign of a good employment solicitor is one who is experienced. Avoid saving money by choosing the cheapest professional. This could cost you more in the long run. Also, be sure that you are able to establish a rapport and that you feel that they appreciate your viewpoint. Without this type of relationship, a case could also be lost. The solicitor in question MUST be a member of The Law Society and you should look for one that is listed in The Legal 500 (a respectable law review that is published each year).

Some Top Employment Solicitors

  • Freshfields Bruckhouse Deringer Solicitors

This firm specialises in employment law as well as other areas such as debt and money advice, EU law, banking law, business affairs, insolvency and bankruptcy.

  • Norton Rose Fullbright Solicitors

This firm is one of the highest rated in the United Kingdom. They currently offer employment services alongside other areas including (but not limited to) employee benefits, worker's compensation, banking and financial matters, Alternative dispute resolutions and anti-corruption legislation.

  • Slaughter and May

Employment law is only one speciality provided by Slaughter and May. Some other areas of potential interest are international law, financial law, bankruptcy, insolvency, corporate finance and civil litigation.

Choosing the right employment solicitor is a great way to maintain your peace of mind whether you are an employee or a manager.