iPhone 11



The New iPhone 11 Pro

 The New iPhone 11 Pro announces itself as the new flagship Smartphone by those design savvy guys at Apple. Goodbye to the Use of Roman Numbers and hello digits (iPhone X ?). So, what Major improvements can we notice at a first glance? Well the main characteristics that stand out straight away are in design, battery & camera.


Looking at the aesthetics of the 11 Pro there are nothing drastic changes, keeping to their minimalist design ethos (same size). The few aspects that have change are the finish, a matt like shell protected by a frost like glass on the back. The available launch colour ways are in the usual Gold, Space Grey, Silver and the new Midnight Green.


The Display does not present us with a quantum leap in innovation compared to last year’s but still packs a punch. Currently the brightness screen on the market allowing you work on your phone even on the brightest day (bye bye sun glare) and gives you extremely sharp pictures (2M:1 contrast) and true to tone colours.


Always thinking that you need that extra hour of Performance? Well the iPhone 11 Pro gives you an extra 5, making it one of the standouts 2019 smartphone in terms of Battery life. And charging is now going to be swift thanks to its 18-watt fast charger (50% charge in less than 30 minutes).


The Massive Improvement that warrants the “Pro” tag are its Triple Lens set-up. On the top left of the back you’ll see, yes, 3 Lenses: a regular, an Ultra-Wide and a 2x telephoto lens. Video recording will be at a fluid 60fps at 4K resolution. The Combination of hardware features and cleaver built-in imagery software (Smart HDR) gives you all the necessary for you pro level photography needs.

Under the Hood

All these new innovations make the iPhone 11 Pro a very impressive phone when compared to its Android Competition but it’s the none visible features that make it really stand apart from the rest. Inside this already beast of a smartphone is the fastest CPU in any smartphone. The CPU’s two performance cores are up to 20% faster and use up to 30% less power. And its four efficiency cores are up to 20% faster and use up to 40% less power.

And for the Avid Mobile Gamer you will find the fastest GPU in any smartphone, the Apple-designed GPU is up to 20% faster and uses up to 40% less power. Perfect for high‑performance gaming and the latest AR experiences.


Other noteworthy upgrade, durability – with its IP68 rating, the iPhone 11 Pro is now spill resistant to the most bothersome of liquids: sodas, coffee, tea and juices as well as being water resistant to a depth of 4 metres for up to 30 minutes. And I almost to forgot to mention it also has the most resistant screen on the market.