Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Keeping You Safe While Abroad

Whether you are hoping to take a relaxing holiday with your family or you are required to regularly venture abroad for business purposes, travel insurance is a necessary concern that you should never do without. This policy can help to protect you against theft, illness, accidents, injuries and a host of other unfortunate situations. There are many different types of travel insurance and depending upon your needs, the policy coverage levels will likewise differ. Let's take a look at the typical types of travel insurance before comparing some of the top providers in the UK market today.

The Coverage Types of Travel Insurance

We should first note that the levels of coverage and the specific benefits will vary from provider to provider. However, there are still a few common choices that are present within most policies. These are:

  • Trip protection
  • Medical protection
  • Delay protection
  • Assistance services

Trip protection is the most frequently purchase package. Some of the eventualities covered within this section include trip cancellation coverage, natural disasters that may cause a holiday to be postponed and even acts of terrorism. Trip protection centres around protecting the traveller if a holiday must be cancelled for these other other reasons.

Medical protection is another worthwhile option, for there could be times when you are sick when abroad. This may also contain a dental clause (depending upon your needs). The limits can reach as high as 10,000 pounds in some cases. From emergency medical treatments to addressing pre-existing conditions, this could be a great option if you are ill or if you plan on undertaking any risky activities (such as hiking, skiing or skydiving).

You may find that you have lost money as the result of a delayed departure. As opposed to having to change hotel accommodations or pay for additional tickets, delay protection financially covers you. Thus, you will not be forced to spend further out-of-pocket funds for situations that were out of your control.

Assistance services cover a wide range of situations. From vehicular breakdowns to medical situations, identity theft and passport issues, this protection is more pragmatic in the fact that it is meant to address what could certainly be called worst-case scenarios during your holiday.

The Top Travel Insurance Providers

In 2016, the top travel insurance providers in the United Kingdom are:

  • CoverForYou
  • JustTravel
  • Virgin Money
  • Discount Insurance

CoverForYou offers up to £10,000,000 pounds in medical coverage, airline failure, baggage loss and a maximum protection level of 185 days during each year.

JustTravel Cover provides an equal £10,000,000 pound limit as well as cancellation fees and any pre-existing medical conditions. Note here that the maximum single-trip cover is applicable for up to 365 days.

Virgin Money is unique in the fact that there is no coverage limit in terms of medical fees. Cancellations are protected for up to £7,500 pounds.

Discount Insurance offers £5,000,000 pounds in total coverage. Some other options include baggage and cancellation protection. The maximum single-trip coverage is 94 days each year.