Get to know the world on an attractive cruise

If you are looking for different cruises, you can compare different providers and take advantage of favourable offers when booking a cruise. 

Well-known shipping companies for different cruises are for example:

- Aida
- Costa
- Hurtigruten
- Phoenix

When making your choice, you can compare the destinations on offer, shore excursions, offers on board, and, in the case of family trips, offers for children and childcare, in order to find the best and cheapest offer for a trip by ship for yourself. As the range of offers from the shipping companies is now huge, before comparing the various cruises you should make notes of the main points offered on holiday. 

Attractive offers for cruises at a glance
There are different types of cruises, depending on the destination, a cheap cruise can also be chosen as a last minute booking, as a special offer or as an early booking promotion. There are also different themes available for the cruises, so a cruise can be chosen as:

- Expedition Cruise
- Luxury Cruise
- Mini cruise
- Family Cruise
- Single trip
- All Inclusive Travel

The destinations of a trip and the offers included can be chosen according to taste and budget. Some offers include the transfer from the airport to the ship, shore excursions generally have to be booked and paid for by yourself. In the case of cruise offers, passengers can choose whether they want an outside or inside cabin for their stay on the ship. 

Popular destinations of a cruise - discover the world
Some destinations are very popular with holidaymakers and are therefore booked frequently. These include a trip by ship on the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. If you want to enjoy a lot of sun on deck, you should decide on a trip in the South Seas. Ocean cruises along the Norwegian coast are also very popular. The choice of ship also contributes to the success of the cruise. For example, a trip on a luxury ship, a mail ship of the Hurtigruten shipping company or a modern cruise ship, there is a suitable ship for every travel wish. 

The advantages of travelling on a cruise ship
- the cruise ship is used as a floating hotel
- the cruise is a perfect combination for discovering, relaxing and experiencing
- the passengers enjoy a luxury holiday on the ship with an optimal price-performance ratio
- the ship cruise allows you to visit as many holiday destinations as possible in just a few days.
- the cruise on the ship offers different destinations, on board wellness offers and entertainment are part of the offer
- an ideal holiday for the whole family, with offers for children
- safety standards on cruise ships are generally very high
- enjoy the sea air on board, the clean ocean climate contributes to relaxation 
- the cruise ships also offer first-class service 
- the wide choice of meals in various restaurants on board 

A cruise as a stylish holiday experience
Famous port cities of the world, historical buildings and monuments, metropolises, idyllic fishing villages, fantastic sandy beaches and unique landscapes, all this can be discovered on one of the cruises. Even diving tours, safari through the deserts, visits to pyramids, the nightlife of cities, traditions in faraway countries, all this can be discovered on a cruise and at the same time offers unforgettable experiences on holiday. If families with children are on the way, childcare can be booked on the ships to relieve the parents on holiday. There are special offers for couples, senior citizens or singles, which can be selected according to their own taste and needs.