WATINC 1000Pcs DIY Art Craft Set...

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  • Manufacturer: WATINC
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Package List
10 x Colourful Felt
20 x Pipe Cleaners (Mixed Color)
20 x Feathers (Mixed Color)
20 x Construction Origami Paper (Mixed Color)
20 x Glitter Pompoms
27 x Regular Pompoms (Mixed Size)
30 x Assorted Buttons (Mixed Color)
30 x Googly Eyes (Mixed Size)
50 x Colorful Wooden Popsicle Sticks
50 x EVA Foam Flowers
65 x EVA Foam Letters
1 x Blue Scissors
1 x 1 Sheet of Crystal Diamond Stickers
1 x 1 Bottle Sequins of mixed shapes: Butterfly, Shell, Leaf, Flower
1 x Paper Box