Sharp PCOVPA309WRE0 Microwave Gu...

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Pack of two waveguide covers for Sharp microwave ovens. Suitable for the models listed below: R-201, R-202, R-205, R-210, R-211, R-212, R-21FBSTM, R-22FBSTM, R-230, R-232, R-234, R-242, R-244, R-24STM, R-250, R-251, R-252, R-254, R-25STM, R-2V16, R-2V18, R-3E57, R-3G17, R-3G18, R-3G58, R-3J58, R-630, R-641, R-642, R-64STM, R-650A, R-652, R-653, R-654, R-657, R-65STM, R-671, R-67STM, R-953, R-957, R-958, R-959, R-95STM, R-963, R-967, R-96STM and R-98STM If your model number has extra letters at the end such as A, BM or WM then this is not relevant. This waveguide cover also fits the Sanyo EM-SS552.

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