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60 Adjustable Grind Settings

As coffee beans begin to let off their aromas as soon as they are ground, grinding your own beans ensures the freshest possible coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. The Smart Grinder Pro from Sage offers over 60 different grind settings, so whatever your preference, the Smart Grinder Pro has you covered.

Dosing IQ Technology

Once you have chosen your preferred grind, & whether it is for 'cups' or 'shots', the integrated Dosing IQ technology ensures the dose is the same every time. As the Smart Grinder Pro remembers exactly how you like your coffee, you don't have to. This is especially helpful first thing in the morning, & helps ensure your coffee has the same great taste every time you filter it.

Easy To Use

The bright LED display means it is easy to see settings, while the dial makes it easy to adjust accordingly. With one-touch controls, the Smart Grinder Pro will get to work at just the touch of a button. The intuitive dial on the side also makes it easier to get the precise grind you're looking for.

Finished in smart stainless steel with black accents, the Smart Grinder Pro perfectly complements Sage's range of coffee machines. However, with its sleek appearance, & extra wide funnel at the top for filling, it is a worthy addition to any coffee-lover's kitchen.

White Glove Service

If you're a fan of Sage's amazing coffee machines & already own a Sage the Dual Boiler, you can take advantage of their White Glove Service*. This means that they'll send one of their coffee experts to your home to 'tune' your Smart Grinder in to your Dual Boiler, so you'll have the right grind size & dose volumes for your favourite beans from the start.

* White Glove installation only available in mainland England, Scotland & Wales.

22 x 15 x 36cm H. Watts 165

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