Kanjo Eco Lightweight Reclining ...

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  • Manufacturer: H&M Health & Mobility
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The KANJO Eco is the market leading bathlift that uses the very latest technology. Suitable for adults & children- no other bathlft supplier offers a 4 YEAR WARRANTY- which shows the quality and performance of this product is unbeatable!


FREE 4 year warranty on charger, handset & actuator

Suitable for adults & children Additional products such as antibacterial covers,harnesses, pommels & a swivel and slide aid are available

Extremely lightweight & portable comes in 2 parts for easy manoeuvring

Full waterproof hand control using lithium-ion technology for fast charging

Exceptionally low seat travel of 6cm from the bottom of your bath giving greater water immersion. Also skin-friendly with a non-slip surface.

Fits all standard bathtub sizes and even corner baths (you can also purchase additional middle suction cups for awkward and dimpled baths for extra stability)

⚠Safety feature will only lower you into the bath when there is sufficient battery power to raise you back up again

Very easy to clean due to it's biotech design

Dual action sucker release system which allows easy removal of bathlift from the bath.


◆Total weight, ex hand control:10.5kg

◆Weight of seat unit:6.8kg

◆ Weight of backrest:3.7kg

◆Weight of hand control:0.47kg

◆Seat depth:500mm

◆Seat height min to max:60mm-455mm

◆Total depth (backrest up-lowered):690mm-900mm

◆Total height:1105mm

◆Height of backrest:680mm

◆Width of backrest:350mm

◆Seat width with(out) sideflaps:375mm-710mm

◆Backrest adjustment up to 40°

◆Load capacity:140 kg