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Sea Minerals Cleaning Solution This cleaning solution is applied to the floor through the Flash PowerMop's powerful Jet-Action Sprayer. Once on the floor, the solution immediately begins to dissolve and break down dirt and greasy stains. It will help you clean your whole house in a "flash" and leave your floors sparkly clean and smelling fresh. The solution dries super-fast with virtually no streaks which results in clean and shiny floors without much effort. Under recommended use, each 1.25L bottle of cleaning solution should clean up to 10 rooms (approximately 100 square metres). Refill Cleaning Pads As the mop head moves over your floor, the cleaning pad's top sheet allows the dirt and water inside the pad while the super absorbent core locks it deep inside. Cleaning cuffs work to trap large dirt particles and hair. By locking away the dirt and water as you mop, the pad surface stays clean and nearly dry. This results in a clean floor that dries quickly to a shine. When finished mopping, just throw the dirt away with the pad. Under recommended use, each pad should clean about 2 large rooms (approximately 30 square metres) before disposal. They are safe to use on virtually all floors including wood and laminate, vinyl and linoleum, ceramic tiles, marble and stone.

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